Say What!?

"I love that I can pop these bad babies on and take them off when I feel like it! They're easy to put on, extremely durable, and so cute!"

"I have never used press ons before and these were a great first experience! They were easy to apply (even for a newbie), stayed on until I removed them, and I received a ton of compliments!"

"I ordered 2 set. Coffin and Stiletto. The colors were extremely neat and vibrant. The sizing/fit against my nail was perfect! Even on top of my gel polish. No one believed they were press ons! I love the versatility of being able to take them off after a full day of wearing them & switching them up to match certain outfits"

"I ordered two sets of press ons and I love them!! They are such good quality and I have been able to wear them multiple times. Shipping was also surprisingly fast. Definitely recommend ordering for all occasions!"